Mental health isn’t black and white

Helping Canadian military veterans navigate the journey through integrated health and ketamine-enhanced psychotherapy


1. a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas.”the experimental spirit of the modernist vanguard”

2. the foremost part of an advancing army or naval force.

Our Philosophy

Vanguard Wellness is dedicated to helping military veterans achieve mental and physical wellness through integrated therapies and ketamine-enhanced psychotherapy. With a team of Veteran Vanguards and healthcare professionals, we are able to offer a vast array of services to our clients, via a secure and remote platform. 

Veteran Vanguards

Personalized Wellness

We offer a wide range of services to fit your personal wellness needs.
Availability is based on your awarded or pensioned conditions.

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With our trusted partners at Field Trip Health, we are able to help veterans access ketamine-enhanced psychotherapy.

Pension Assessment

Vanguard Wellness can assist with connecting you to our network of healthcare professionals to complete the necessary disability benefits assessment.


Our kinesiologists are committed to helping you alleviate pain symptoms and associated physical dysfunctions by incorporating strength, balance, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility exercises into your treatment regime.

Peer Support

Facilitated by a social worker or psychologist, our virtual group therapy allows you to connect with others who may be on a similar journey to your own.

Mental Health Support

Our mental health professionals offer an array of services based in traditional “talk therapy”. Depending on your individual preferences and requirements we will connect you with a professional who best suits your needs.


Dietitians are qualified experts who specialize in the science of nutrition. They are able to assess, diagnose, and treat dietary and nutritional problems as well as develop personalized programs tailored to your individual objectives and personal needs.